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30SecondsToFly – B2B Travel Bot @30-seconds-to-fly

Startup, New York, NY – 11-50 employees

We believe in a new era of enterprise software, where static interfaces are replaced by conversational technologies - like A.I. bots! Our technology, Claire, is an A.I. travel manager for organizations.


Behind Claire is a team of travel industry enthusiasts. In the travel industry, we are about to experience a second wave of automation which will bring personalized travel assistants into the mainstream that learn about the preferences of their travelers.


We at 30SecondsToFly are merging the best of both worlds: Our technology Claire is a virtual employee that automates and manages travel for organizations. She is a travel bot embedded into the corporate software ecosystem to track, control and save on travel. At the same time, Claire books policy-compliant trips for employees within seconds and proactively solves any problems that come up during the journey.

Questions & feedback – ping us at info@30secondstofly.com, we're happy to connect!

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